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Say goodbye to the frustration of getting lost. With CityGeni, anyone can effortlessly navigate the city and indoor spaces with ease.
The app is now available on all iOS & Android devices.
A Genesis of Mapxus
CityGeni, a symbol of potential, emerged from the creativity of Mapxus, a key contributor in the smart city domain known for its cutting-edge indoor mapping and positioning technology.
WiFi Fingerprinting Technology
Building-to-Building Connectivity
Cloud Native Infrastructure, Scalability & Security
Voice Commands & Screen Reader Compatibility
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: For visually impaired users, does CityGeni offer any alerts for the surroundings?
Q: Does CityGeni require mobile signal?
Q: Where CityGeni is available to use now?
Q: Who is CityGeni for?
Q: How can I identify if the app is currently using indoor positioning?
Q: Can I place the phone in my backpack?
Q: What is the general coverage area for indoor positioning?
Q: Is the location data obtained from the current location on the map saved on the site?
Q: CityGeni is free of charge for end users. How is it sustainable?
Q: Is my data secure?
Q: In what scenarios might indoor positioning not perform at its best, and what can we do to improve it?
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